"Less Stressful.....More Successful"

College Planning Service America's mission is to provide the most timely information regarding the college admission and financial aid process so that families are able to choose the best college for their students and maximize the financial aid they are entitled to receive.

Dr. Kevin L. Bukatman, Founder and President of College Planning Service America, has been a consultant for families of college-bound students since 2006. He obtained his master’s degree and doctorate from Boston College. For eighteen years, he was an educator and administrator for several private schools and public school districts in Boston and New York. He has dedicated his professional life to working with high school and college-aged students and their families to enhance their learning experiences and provide crucial information to create their personal and professional success. His patient and compassionate manner makes him a favorite with both parents and students, and his sense of humor makes a stressful process much easier to navigate. His daughter Allison graduated from SUNY Oneonta in May, 2013, so he has an intimate knowledge of the financial aid process and how to make it work successfully for you.

College Planning Services America has serviced thousands of clients in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware area. With extensive experience, they have the expertise to navigate the Federal, state and individual university financial aid requirements and paperwork. They are knowledgeable in each state’s financial aid requirements, including grants and verifications. College Planning Services America will suggest ways to conduct a successful search for merit and need-based scholarships, and will appeal poor offers of financial aid if an appeal is warranted. They also work successfully with students to help them take ownership of the process, submit their applications in a timely manner and create essays that capture the attention of the Admissions Committee.